Though some people may associate the holidays with mayhem and unwanted distress

CouponThough some people may associate the holidays with mayhem and unwanted distress, I think it’s a great opportunity to go shopping for stuff that you really like but don’t have to feel guilty about buying because it’s for someone else. Plus, all stores give really good discounts. Gotta love those coupons! They really help save money, and it only takes around 2 seconds to cut one out of the newspaper or a magazine. I know some people say time is priceless, but in this case, it’s more like 2 seconds is worth 30% off of something. It’s especially worth it if what you’re buying is in the hundreds.

I just wish those darned things won’t expire so soon. Sometimes they expire on the day that I get them, or 3 days later. Then it gets even more frustrating when you realise you needed to buy something from one store, and the coupon you had for that store expired yesterday.

The most recent thing I bought with a coupon was a highlighter – 30% off of $0.93. Okay, that sounds pathetic – I saved, what, 32 cents (if you factor in tax)? But I had several of these coupons, and they expire on the 24th, so might as well use one for something I really needed than splurge on something I may not give away or need. But such are the things I buy. I believe being a student forces one to think in a utilitarian-like manner. 32 cents…I could buy some candy with that, which isn’t a bad idea since I have something of a sweet tooth.

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