If you happen to be a good knitter

KnitIf you happen to be a good knitter, and love animals, then this may be a good way to utilise your skills. Can you imagine seeing a flock of penguins strutting around in brightly-coloured sweaters? Adorable! Though they might have to use black and white designs instead to help the penguin blend in, or else they could fall prey to hungry predators. Although many animals are colour-blind.

I was actually taught how to knit about 6, 7 years ago by a very good friend, but I never went beyond knitting scarves. I know some very basic patterns, but that’s about it. I went into this knitting frenzy for some time where I wouldn’t; couldn’t stop knitting until I finished the project, and almost thought I was going to get arthritis in my hands. But it still took me 3 days to finish ONE scarf, which is pretty pathetic. Ugh. The best thing I’ve ever made was this small stuffed ladybug soft toy thing that took me AGES to figure out how to make, but when I was done, it became one of the projects that I’m most proud of. I also learned how to crochet via an aunt, but I can’t remember how to do it anymore. What I really need is some tutoring from my grandmothers, but they all live elsewhere around the world, and my mother has apparently ‘forgotten’ a lot of the techniques used.

Speaking of which, one of my grandmothers is an awesome knitter – she can knit an extremely complicated design on the spot without having to refer to anything, nor draw from a previously thought-of design. She’s also quite the environmentalist to boot. Maybe I should introduce her to projects like this penguin sweater thing. The article reminded me of her as well, because she has knitted a yellow sweater before that had 6 penguins on the front, and I had thought that it was bought from a store. But if I tell her to help, she’ll probably just say something like “I’m not as young as I used to be!” or something along those lines. Hm. I wonder what they do with the sweaters once the oil comes off the penguins. Maybe they reuse them for the next unfortunate oil spill, or pack them in a suitcase and send them off with the penguins as they wave farewell…


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