Where would the world be without questions?

QuestionWhere would the world be without questions? Well, for one, that sentence wouldn’t exist. There’s just something delightful about that sickle-shaped curve with a dot underneath; it’s one of my favourite, if not my favourite, punctuation marks. Maybe that was why I decided to take up Spainsh instead of French during high school – they have the most eloquent idea of putting an upside-down question mark right before the question is asked, to inform the reader that Yes, A Question Is Coming Up Next.

Yet questions can be one of the most infuriating things in the world. Remember playing the “why?” game with your mother, or having it directed at you? Not only that, everyone seems so hell-bent all the time on finding the answers to the most pressing questions: “What shall I eat today?” “What shall I do?” “What job should I get?” “When should I retire?” “When is my life finally going to start picking up itself again?”…for every answer, there are another million questions that are raised. So we so often find ourselves lost among all these uncertainties. Sometimes, I think we should embrace these uncertainties just for what they are, because who says that a question must be answered? Epiphanies only come to the mind that thinks and ponders. And I do love a good epiphany. Stay curious! Keep exploring! Trying to figure out how to open the lock is infinitely more interesting than finally getting to open the treasure chest!


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