I have a confession to make

SleepI have a confession to make: I like my beauty sleep. No, not that it actually does anything to make me anywhere near being the next Miss Universe, although it is a good remedy for keeping the bags out of my eyes. But for some reason, there’s an unspoken rule that says “All college students must NOT go to bed before 3am”, or else you’re doing something wrong. Hm. I don’t take naps, so do I get any leniency by going to bed before 3?

I know a few insomniacs – it’s quite an unfortunate condition. I usually sleep pretty well, but when I can’t, it’s one of the most frustrating and nauseating feelings of just lying there, doing nothing but try to will your body into falling asleep. Whoever said “Mind over matter” was clearly not an insomniac.

My favourite place to sleep is actually inside a car, driven by a good driver. In fact, whenever I ride in a car, I tend to nod off after 30 or so minutes – as long as the conversation isn’t riveting. Boats also have the same effect, although I’m not sure whether it’s more of a defense mechanism to stave off the encroaching feeling of seasickness, or whether the rocking of the waves are lulling me to sleep. George Perec’s Species of Spaces and other Pieces touches on this, which I found fascinating – he basically wrote about Space, and what constitutes a border and the transition from one space to another – for example, if one makes the car their ‘bed’, and travels from Illinois to Wisconsin, is the ‘bed’ in Illinois different from the ‘bed’ in Wisconsin?! I have absolutely no idea, but I like to think about it now and then when I take a road trip.


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