I need a ctrl + F function for my books

Post-itI need a ctrl + F function for my books. I read so many things when I research that while I write a plan for my paper, a great idea or essential point to make will pop into my mind because of something I read, only I forgot where I read it, so I end up having to comb through the entire book again just to find one single quote because teachers treat plagiarism like the plague (ha, ha). I do write notes, but sometimes I’m so eager to keep reading that I forget to put down which page I found something, and all the books I use are library books so I can’t mark something in them.

Thank God for post-it notes. Ok, sometimes they do get annoying when they keep falling out or rip off a thin layer of the paper when I try to peel it off (which only happens in really old and fragile books), and sometimes I have so many that I don’t know why I marked all the pages I did in the first place. Sometimes the index page helps, but not all books have an index page, so my best bet is the post-it. I have nice, marbled purple ones that beat the usual ugly yellow colour (that shade of yellow has always reminded me of teeth that need bleaching – not light enough to be a nice primrose, but not dark enough to resemble a lovely sunset or candle flame). Post-its also remind me of the office workplace. Especially in the movie Get Smart, where David Koechner (Larabee) and Terry Crews (Agent 91) threaten to kill the ‘nerds’ with post-its. Hey, paper cuts can be pretty nasty!

I still wish all books came with a ctrl + F shortcut. It would save me a LOT of time flipping through everything.


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