If there was a salon

If there was a salon that offered a back-scratching service, would you go in?

不求人My friend and I once thought of opening a salon where people can come in to get their back scratched, and maybe have other services like full body massages. But the main thing would be back-scratching. We both have a penchant for having our backs scratched, you see, and there’s nothing more satisfying than having someone else scratch it for you. Our arms aren’t designed to scratch our own backs so easily, you see. Well, maybe the extremely flexible can manage it, but I certainly can’t. There’s also something very soothing and relaxing about getting your back scratched, even when it doesn’t itch.

For the past few days, my back has been quite itchy, and I can’t seem to get to that very spot that causes the most distress. It’s also tiring to contort my arms into such an unnatural position, and I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone to help. So I turn to the almighty “不求人” – the “Don’t beg people”, which is what it literally translates to. I just love that name. And it lives up to it, because with one, I don’t have to beg someone else to scratch my back for me! Sigh. If only I had one with me right now … I lost mine somewhere within the piles of boxes I have stored away. I guess I could use a ruler instead, but it doesn’t have that curved “fingertips” to it that a 不求人 has. Some even come retractable, and can be stored very easily. Mine had a double-function: one side was the scratching hand, while the other was shaped into a shoehorn.

I’m going to look for it now. Wish me luck!


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