Last Sunday

PerforationLast Sunday, on the 29th of November, I went to watch the “Movie Music Spectacular: CSO with John Williams” at the Orchestra Hall. I’ve already been to Williams’s concerts twice already, but he never ceases to amaze me: this time, he conducted music from David Lean’s films, and his own movie score from the Harry Potter movies. The pieces from David Lean’s films were mostly medleys of the soundtracks used, but I was surprised at how they sounded so familiar, especially the “Colonel Bogey’s March” in the excerpts from The Bridge on the River Kwai. There was quite a patriotic yet nostalgic feel to the music … especially with edited clips from the movie that was projected onto a screen. The music was timed precisely with the movie clip, so that was an additional bonus that I really enjoyed. As for the Harry Potter soundtrack, it was a delight to hear how much music can affect the movie’s atmosphere, in particular “Aunt Marge’s Waltz”, “Nimbus 2000” and “The Knight Bus”. The latter included an ingenious use of several instruments like tuned wood blocks, xylophones, and a slide whistle to produce a very musical version of what a triple-decker speeding bus should sound like.

Apart from the lovely music, I just wanted to point out the idea of perforating tickets to make them easier to tear. Can you imagine waiting in a long line because the ticket collectors at the door have to make sure they don’t tear off the wrong part? A line of equidistantly-spaced holes solves all the hassle of trying to tear in a straight line. Plus you get a better looking souvenir and proof of where you’ve been and when. Just in case you’re the forgetful type, or needed an alibi. Or both.


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