I may not drink coffee

Coffee cup lidI may not drink coffee, but I still think every classroom at school should have at least one coffee table. About half the class comes with a cup of coffee, especially for morning classes. So what does one do in a studio room with no tables? Well, everyone just keeps their coffee close – by their feet, of course! Of course. And said feet do not possess eyes, so end up knocking over the coffee cup. If the coffee cup happened to be the person’s own thermos (yay!), nothing really happens except an “Oops!”. If it happened to be the more common coffee-in-a-cup cup, well, one of two things will happen:

1. If said cup doesn’t belong to the person who knocked it over, the person apologises profusely, while the owner says it’s ok (but is secretly fuming inside). The cup is now half-full (or half-empty) depending on how full it was before, and how fast either person’s reflexes are in saving the cup from its unfortunate horizontal position. Half the coffee has now been claimed by the carpet.

2. The lid wasn’t on when the accident occurred. The whole room smells like coffee now, and there’s this dark patch in the carpet that’s making some dust mites pretty hyperactive. Fighting between the perpetrator and owner may ensue (“YOU SPILLED MY COFFEE!! You’re going to pay!“). If perpetrator and owner are one and the same person, the same thing happens, but internalised.

That is why it’s important to keep your lid on your coffee cup. Even if the room does have tables, you never know who may come along and knock it over. Better yet, help save the environment and your own money by making your own coffee in the morning. All-hail the mighty lids for keeping hot beverages (relatively) safe!!


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