They say it’s been a very warm November

Down comforterThey say it’s been a very warm November here in Chicago, but I certainly can’t tell the difference. My feet are tingling, and I’m already wearing 2 layers indoors. With the heating on. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not working. But it’s cold, so I borrowed a down comforter (from my aunt) to snuggle with during the night.

It’s big, light green, and oh-so-very-soft and cosy. I can get lost in it, make a nest out of it, pretend that I’m not in Chicago…ah, the endless possibilities! Sure, it might poof out a feather or two, and it’s a little used, but it smells like home. It ‘comforts’ me. Which is funny, because the word originally meant “to strengthen much“, and it used to be a word used when centurions in Ancient Rome would march their soldiers on for hours for training, and if a soldier fell behind, the centurion would ‘comfort’ the soldier by poking him in the butt. With the sharp end of a spear or sword. Don’t look at me like that; I got this from a reliable source. But if that was what ‘comfort’ was, then I’m glad its meaning was changed sometime between then and now. Or else we might have to call it something boring, like ‘down blanket’, or something weird, like ‘down-stuffed covering that keeps one warm and cosy at night’.


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