Snail mail is unexpectedly fast

MailSnail mail is unexpectedly fast. I recently mailed a letter to my friend for her birthday, and it arrived just 4 days after I sent it. Another time, I mailed an entire package with international shipping to London, and that arrived within 5 business days.

Plus you can get extra packs of coupons if you go the slow way. There’s also something about seeing your mailbox stuffed with something that makes your heart beat faster in anticipation, even if it turns out to be junk mail. It’s actually not as annoying as getting junk e-mail. I wonder why.

Going manual has its own perks, like reading a book – it’s something concrete you hold in your hands. If it’s personal mail, you can also see your friend/relative’s handwriting, and if you’re a nerd or an avid fan of the mystery genre, you can try to deduce or guess what personality traits the sender has, what mood he or she was in while writing the letter, whether s/he is left or right handed, etc. I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but even he would have some problems with trying to deduce a person’s character by reading their e-mails.

I’m the advocate for snail mail. Send some Christmas cards this year instead of e-cards! Then don’t forget to recycle or reuse the letters you receive to help save the environment. Unless you want to keep them forever and ever, like I do.


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