An apple a day

Apple“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Until you’re super-malnourished and half-starved. Anyway, I love apples. My favourite is the honey crisp, but I’d eat any apple, any day, any time of the week – fuji, granny smith, braeburn, pink lady…ah! Autumn’s fruit is amazing! And anything derived from this wonderful fruit is heartily welcomed, such as apple pie, apple sauce, apple crumble, apple juice, apple cider, apple dumpling, so on and so forth. I’ve even gone apple picking at Apple Holler – the place that sells the best apple dumplings and apple cider doughnuts. They’re so good, they should be patented.

Another fun fact about apples is that if you rub the skin on your fingers, it can get rid of grease or any bad smells that have adhered to your phalanges. They can also help ‘clean’ your teeth, and if you eat one in the morning, it acts like a natural form of caffeine, which is great because I don’t like coffee (please don’t kill me).

I just went to the grocery store and bought 10 honey crisps and 4 fuji apples. So if I eat 2 a day instead of 1, does that mean I get to live longer?


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