A large part of supplementary college expenses

Library textbookA large part of supplementary college expenses can be summoned up in one word: Textbooks. Granted, it’s not as costly as the actual tuition fee, but it can still rack up a pretty hefty price, ranging from US$5 to US$200. Per book. So during my freshman year, when I was still very naive, I coughed up around US$550 for all my textbooks. Then I (re)discovered something amazing – I don’t actually have to buy the books! No, this isn’t a confession. I merely use the library to check out all the books I need for class. My school even has an i-share library system where you can borrow books from around 40-50 other libraries at other colleges, so I don’t need to spend a cent on books. Perhaps the reason why it’s so awesome is because it’s got an “i” in front of “share”? Heh. Go Mac. Anyway, I’ve probably saved around $2500 by now, if you don’t include all the books I used for research. Thank God for i-share. Thank God for libraries.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (sorry, US only)!


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