As winter nears

ElbowAs winter nears, the air gets progressively drier and drier, unless it snows. Otherwise, the dryness makes it very easy for one to generate static electricity, simply by removing one’s coat or sweater. I used to dread going home just because I knew that I would get shocked the moment I touched something after removing my coat. And it wasn’t a tiny shock, either – it was the kind of static shock where you can actually see the spark between skin and object. So I was surprised to discover a painless way to discharge the shock: to touch something with an elbow instead of my hand.

Since the elbow is one of the least sensitive part of the body, you can do cool things with it like elbow someone really hard, or discharge static electricity through them. You can even let lightning strike them as a survival technique: if you’re ever caught in a storm in the middle of flat land, where you are the tallest thing for miles around, then all you do is get on your knees, bend over till your head touches the ground, and raise your elbows upwards while keeping your hands on your hips. This causes potential lightning bolts to strike your elbows first, reducing the pain you feel, while the current is redirected down towards the ground and hopefully bypasses your heart. I’m sure it would still hurt (understatement of the year), but at least you’ll survive. Neat, huh?


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